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Mastering is the final step of the music production process. It is the last chance to make your recordings sound as good as they possibly can. The mastering process involves a series of adjustments that can add polish, depth, detail and impact. This final step can help communicate and reinforce the message and emotion of your music.

  • Each project is approached as a custom program. Special attention and respect is given to the intended direction of your project. A great amount of effort and planning has gone into writing, arranging, performing and producing your mixes. Good mastering will support and enhance all of these efforts.

  • With experience and an objective perspective, your recordings will progress, sounding more balanced, finished and refined.

  • Accurate monitoring and quality tools are used to ensure that your recordings will be optimized to sound their very best on a variety of playback systems.
  • Competitive levels are an important factor of today's music. It is possible to optimize levels without destroying the musical dynamics. Mastering is not about how loud the music can be made to sound, it's about knowing how to make music feel and sound more powerful.
  • Advancements in modern recording have made it possible for many artists to record and produce their music in project studios. Sometimes these independent recordings require some maintenance in order to sound more polished and standardized.
  • Even a great sounding recording can benefit from the mastering process. Subtle adjustments to the frequency spectrum and dynamic range can make a great production sound even greater.


patch hill mastering client testimonials

"I got Peter Linnane to master my record, I had already tried myself with some well known software and got a pretty decent result but the difference was shocking. Mastering is something that you really need to know about, it's more than just having good ears. Pete really nailed it, bringing a really tangible sense of depth to the songs, making them so much more 3 dimensional, I still don't know how he did it. Thank you Peter Linnane." - Peter Bruntnell

"Peter Linnane has some of the most acute and musical ears around. In a field where too much recorded music is smashed and twisted beyond recognition, Linnane's audio mastering work is supremely tasteful, sensible, and always serves the artists' efforts. I feel lucky to know him and to be able to work with him on a regular basis." - Pete Weiss

"Peter mastered my album "The Stockbroker and the Sky", and what was noteworthy was the subtlety of his touch. When he was finished, the songs certainly sounded clearer, more unified and balanced, more alive. But they still sounded like my songs, with all the dynamic range and openness intact. While a lot of mastering engineers seem overeager to put their own stamps on their clients' work, Peter has enough skill -- and enough taste -- to stick to what's necessary to enhance it." - Shannon Halbrook

"One review of my album "Daylight & stars" made the comment that: "Jim's songs actually sound like they are being played in the room with you." and as much as I'd like to think that was mostly down to my songwriting and intimate delivery, I'm pretty sure that Peter Linnane's mastering mastery had more to do with it." - Jim Jones

"Since I discovered Patch Hill, I have no intention of ever getting my albums mastered anywhere else. What makes them stand out, aside from an almost fanatical attention to detail, is a sensitivity to the specific needs of each project; it’s the difference between a very good mastering job and a great one. After putting so much work into a project, it’s a relief to know it’s in the hands of someone who cares as much as I do—or even more than I do—about how the final product is going to sound." - Don Lennon

"Although I worked with Peter remotely, it was one of the best experiences I've had. He was extremely responsive and quick when we were facing a tight deadline, and yet I know he took the time to really listen and treat the tracks with care. His professional manner and superb ears really made my EP glisten." - Emily White

"I have been listening to Peter Linnane's audio engineering work now for over 10 years, and I was thrilled to finally be able to bring my own band's album to him for mastering work. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his craft and his portfolio of work is proof. Peter made the process simple for us as well as made sure our artistic vision for our own work stayed intact. His communication with us was superlative and we could feel he was taking great personal interest in the project. We could not have been happier working with Patch Hill Mastering on our album and are excited to continue recording music, knowing Peter is there to put that final touch on our work." - Christophe Marchal


"When it was time to have my band's album mastered, I hired Peter for the project. This was the final step, and it was the best decision we could have made. He explained in detail the whole process, turned the final product around quickly, and man, did he make our songs sound spectacular. He's a true pro, and I wouldn't think of hiring anyone else for our future mastering projects." - Damon Vrettos


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