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post production audio

It is rare for anyone to comment on the audio of a film or production unless there is something wrong with it. Poorly recorded or mixed audio will most likely distract from your message. A production with clean, clear and consistent audio will let your audience experience and believe your story.

  • Editing of dialogue audio

  • Recording dialogue replacement (ADR)

  • Custom sound effects, sound design and foley

  • Sound effects and foley placement in timeline

  • Audio restoration

  • Removal or supression of environmental noise

  • Mixing of dialogue, sound effects and music

  • Details for my music library and custom composing can be viewed by clicking here

  • Balancing and finalizing a consistant level

  • Delivery of the finished audio files in a variety of formats

  • Formats include Wave, Broadcast Wave and Aif audio files, MP3 and MPEG-4 Audio lossy formats and Flac lossless

  • Backup and storage of your project. A copy of your project will be kept on file if you need to recall it at a later date


example videos

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